Admiral Yachting is a leading Italian company in the nautical business, which operates with great success nationally and internationally.

Admiral Yachting is the result of many years of experience and professionalism, but especially of enthusiasm and passion, often shared with customers.

Admiral Yachting is a leader in International Yacht Brokerage, for which it has all legal permissions by low (No. 42 CCIAA An). International Yachts Brokerage and Charter provides full service and constant assistance to the customer, ensuring the best yachts in the market and the best protection.

Some of the best Shipyards on the market, due to its professionalism and reliability, have been entrusted to Admiral Yachting for the marketing of their products.

Admiral Yachting is able to provide the customer with a wide range of new yachts, from the Big yachts, motorboats, to the sailboats and also catamarans, with transparency and complete 360-degree technical and financial assistance at the time of purchase and In post-sale.


Admiral Yachting TEAM is highly experienced and professional, as well as a huge network of carefully selected foreign partners, which has successfully expanded its business worldwide.

Andrea Rapini


Yacht Broker
(n ° 42 CCIAA Ancona)
Director for Yacht Brokerage, Charter, Communication and Foreign Relations

Paolo Verratti


Director for Used and New Selling Business & Services

Luca di Domenico

Sales Area

Yacht Broker
(n ° 1 CCIAA Pescara)

Massimo Rapetti

Sales Area

Liguria / Alto Tirreno


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Its main office is in Pescara, in the center of the Adriatic, located in the beautiful harbour “Marina di Pescara”.

Latitude: N 42°28’05.4″
Longitude: E 14°13’44.8″

Tel. (+39) 085 9430107
E-mail: info@admiral-yachting.com